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The DFG 500/60 clinching machine is a stationary universal machine for the clinching of sheet metal and profiles. Special features: The large throat allows for the clinching of unwieldy and large workpieces, including hollow shapes. The machine is equipped with an integrated hydraulic unit and is a low-noise device. It has been designed for user-friendly operation: the arms are actuated by means of a foot switch, and the safety control moves the arms at low pressure to their working position. The working stroke is only performed after the arm has reached this position.

The DFG 500/60 clinching machine comes with exchangeable tool holders that can be rotated by 90° and are suitable for clinching tools of 30/32 mm height. Other tool holders are available on request. The operating pressure and the stroke limitation can be preset to suit the actual joining task. This reduces wear to the machine and ensures reproducible results – even with continuous full load operation.

Technical data


DriveIntegrated hydraulic unit
Press force60 kN at 500 bar
Mains power connection200 - 500 V / 3-phase / 50 - 60 Hz
Stroke frequencySingle stroke
Stroke releaseFoot switch with safety device
Adjustable stroke limitationContinuously adjustable
Suitable for clinching optionsS-DF, R-DF, G-DF
Max. total thickness depending on element geometry

4.0 mm steel (400 N/qmm)*
4.0 mm aluminium (with good forming properties)*

Throat, horizontal500 mm
Throat, vertical, topup to 120 mm
Throat, vertical, bottom72 mm
Opening width85 mm

approx. 400 kg


*The max. total thickness refers to steel and aluminium alloys with good forming properties, an elongation at break A80 ≥ 12 % and a yield-to-tensile ratio Rp0.2 / Rm ≤ 0.7. Examples: steel: DC04 • DX56 • CR180BH; aluminium: AlMg3 • AlMg4.5Mn0.4 • AlMg0.4Si1.2(T4). Deviations from these workpiece thickness combinations might be possible. For details, contact ECKOLD.



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