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Specialising in sheet metal working, ECKOLD is a globally operating company that leads the way. We produce tools, machines and plants for the forming, joining and punching of sheet metal and profiles. Our customers include leading companies in the automotive and aerospace industries as well as in many other sheet metal working sectors. Our customers expect us to stay ahead of the competition. As their requirements change, ECKOLD needs to come up with new solutions, which means that our employees have the opportunity to venture into new fields and acquire new skills. We work hard to provide engineering solutions of the future.

The training of skilled workers has a long tradition at ECKOLD! Since the new ECKOLD factory at St. Andreasberg opened its doors, more than 400 young people have successfully completed their apprenticeship in various different professions and trades. We thus have more than 60 years of experience in vocational training and are pleased to report that many of our former apprentices have found permanent positions within our company.

Are you looking for a challenge? Then please apply for a job with ECKOLD and become part of a highly motivated and skilled team! We hope to hear from you soon!

Job vacancies

ECKOLD is a creative problem-solver working for customers all over the world. Our machines are in use in more than 100 countries where renowned manufacturers of cars, aeroplanes, ships and rail wagons rely on our expertise. Start your career at ECKOLD! Current job vacancies are published on our German-language website.

Contact: Ms. Jennifer Koch
ECKOLD technics GmbH & Co. KG

Walter-Eckold-Str. 1
37444 St. Andreasberg
Phone: +49 5582 802 175


Our apprentices are our skilled workers of the future. That is why we are always looking for motivated school leavers who wish to learn their trade at a company rooted in the local community. We would like to get to know you! Send us your apprenticeship application. We also welcome spontaneous applications from motivated prospective trainees.


Industrial product designer

Industrial business management assistant


Mechatronic technician

Dual vocational training in mechanical engineering

Work experience and internships

We invest in young people as they will secure the future of our company and the values for which we stand. If you are considering an apprenticeship at ECKOLD but would like to find out more about the world of work at our company, why not come a join us for work experience or an internship! Send us your job application.



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