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Car body construction and vintage car restoration with Kraftformer

Wherever vintage cars are restored, the ECKOLD Kraftformer comes into play. The trade magazine "Oldtimer Markt" refers to the Kraftformer as the indispensable top machine for sheet metal and profile forming. For many decades, the ECKOLD Handformers and Kraftformers have been setting the standard when comes to car body construction, and in particular vintage car restoration.

Kraftformer units are highly reliable and sturdy precision forming machines that have become part of the standard equipment of car restoration workshops. Where wings, bonnets, boot lids and other body parts made in steel and aluminium need to be stretched, upset, domed or bent into shape, professionals rely on ECKOLD forming technology.

ECKOLD Handformer and Kraftformer

ECKOLD Kraftformers allow for the chipless cold forming of sheet metal, tubes and profiles – with unrivalled precision and virtually no noise. On a single Kraftformer, you can for instance bend profiles, form sheet metal elements, produce new parts, complete repairs or cut intricate contours. With ECKOLD Kraftformers and Handformers, professionals reproduce car body parts that can no longer be sourced. It therefore comes as no surprise that a trade magazine refers to the ECKOLD technology as the "measure of all things". Thanks to the comprehensive range of exchangeable tools, ECKOLD machines are extremely versatile all-rounders.


  • Easy forming of sheet metal
  • Universal solution with large range of exchangeable tools
  • No tool marks thanks to surface-protection pads
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Portable and stationary units

Indispensable machine for professional car body construction and restoration.

ECKOLD Multiformers

ECKOLD Multiformers are specialist machines for wheeling, planishing and upsetting. Their sturdy design allows for fast machining with perfect results. As the Multiformers cater for a wide range of different forming tasks, workshops benefit from greater efficiency and save costs as well as space. Thanks to their smart design, the ECKOLD Multiformers can be upgraded at any time. ECKOLD Multiformer: modular design and top-quality engineering for unrivalled efficiency.


The Multiformer MF 500 or MF 800 are simply a must for any car body workshop. Equally indispensable is the GL2 planishing hammer.

The restoration of a vintage car is a time-consuming and costly undertaking that requires a lot of skill. Where the car body needs to be reconstructed, there are many problems and hurdles to overcome. Car vintage enthusiasts normally bring their beloved vehicles to workshops that specialise in vintage car restoration and have the expertise needed to bring the car back to its full glory.


A great example of a successful restoration of a equally successful car is the story of the record-braking Hanomag Diesel. This project was undertaken by Hanomag Interessengemeinschaft e.V., a Hanomag enthusiasts association, and its chairman Horst-Dieter Görg.


Links to the history of the car:


75 years after speed record - Hanomag car restored

2014: Hanomag Diesel back in Dessau

Hanomag Museum



Icon Oldtimer-Restauration
Vintage car restoration: Use report - reconstruction of hull of record-braking Hanomag Diesel


The comprehensive machine portfolio of ECKOLD includes solutions for a huge range of sheet metal and profile forming tasks – from hand-held pliers and stationary Handformers to portable or stationary Kraftformers in various sizes and force ranges. ECKOLD forming machines are therefore the ideal equipment for the restoration of vintage cars and other tasks where sheet metal needs to be formed with high precision. Thanks to the unique range of tools, these machines are extremely versatile.


In addition, ECKOLD offers Multiformers that allow for sheet metal stretching, planishing, upsetting and wheeling on a single machine.

For many decades, renowned customers around the world have been relying on innovative technologies and machines from ECKOLD who has been serving the sheet metal machining industry for more than 85 years and is continuously developing new advanced machines and tools. ECKOLD is the leading supplier of machinery for chipless sheet metal and profile forming. The ECKOLD Kraftformer has even its own Wikipedia entry at (in German only). The ECKOLD Kraftformer was the first machine of its kind and has recently been described by the trade magazine "Oldtimer-Markt" as the "measure of all things" in sheet metal forming.

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