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Traders, and in particular people working in fields where sheet metal needs to be machined, are often facing misconceptions about the importance of their job and their use of modern technology. However, successful roofing and plumbing companies depend on the skills, knowledge and creative drive of their workers. With innovative ideas and applications, they now achieve results that were previously unthinkable.


As a leading manufacturer of machines for sheet metal forming, we offer roofers, plumbers and other SMEs a wide range of excellent tools for even the most intricate forming tasks. We provide everything you need for sheet metal and profile forming – from stationary units for factory production to hand-held tools for use on construction sites.


ECKOLD: Setting new standards in trade applications


Reproducible and precise results. The models of the ECKOLD Kraftformer and Handformer ranges enable roofers and plumbers to speed up their production while achieving unrivalled reproducibility. It therefore comes as no surprise that a trade magazine even referred to ECKOLD technology as the "measure of all things". Exchangeable tools turn ECKOLD machines into highly versatile all-rounders.


  • Customised sheet metal forming made easy
  • Universal solution thanks to large range of exchangeable tool inserts
  • No tool marks thanks to surface-protection pads
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Wide range of portable and stationary units

Which tool for which application?


Operators in more than 100 countries all over the world use ECKOLD forming technology to form sheet metal, tubes, pipes and profiles. The company's success is not least due to the reliability and durability of the ECKOLD Kraftformer and ECKOLD Handformer machines, and the unique ECKOLD tool concept that turn drive units into universal machines able to handle various sheet metal thicknesses and forming tasks. The versatility of the ECKOLD tool range is truly unique and includes tools for virtually any forming task and material. ECKOLD forming tools are known for their sturdy design and durability and are chosen on the basis of the properties of the workpieces, including material quality. Ourforming tools allow for fast and precise machining with minimum noise emissions.

With a single tool, you might for instance be able to form brackets and sheet metal and to remove folds and dents. Thanks to precision press force control, the same tool can also be used for fine-tuning or correcting tasks. This versatility is the key feature of the ECKOLD brand. Thanks to the quick tool change system, retooling is quick and easy.

ECKOLD forming tools can be used to shrink, dome, planish, smooth, tension, straighten, flange, curve, cut, punch and fold sheet metal.

From factory production to machining on construction site


Our systems are suitable for applications that could not be more different. On construction sites, there is often no space for large machines, and portable units are a must for work at height. That is why our hand-held units such as the HZ 52 or the HF 100 are particularly popular with contractors, especially in connection with on-site adjustments and reworking. For jobs were reproducibility is the key quality factor, factory production on units with programmable parameter settings are the best solution. For such applications, we recommend our stationary KF 675 Magnum and KF 470 Medium units. Thanks to our extensive tool range, contractors are able to offer efficient factory production.


The copper dome of Berlin Palace is a masterpiece in craftsmanship, and forming machines from ECKOLD played a major role in this restoration project where excellence in craftsmanship met precision machining.





Icon Dachdecker Klemptner
Roofers, plumbers, sanitary fitters: Application report on roof element production for Berlin Palace | Copper dome




Sheet metal shrinking, stretching doming, planishing, tensioning, straightening, flanging, curving, punching and folding – these and many more tasks can be performed with forming machines and tools from ECKOLD. Thanks to the wide range of tools on offer, our Handformer and Kraftformer units are truly universal machines. ECKOLD Kraftformers are designed for the cold forming of sheet metal, tubes and profiles. They are high-precision, low-noise units for chipless machining. On a single Kraftformer, you can for instance bend profiles, form sheet metal elements, produce new parts, complete repairs or cut intricate contours.



ECKOLD offers a huge range of tools, and retooling takes only few seconds. This ensures high machine utilisation and versatility. The intelligent technology from ECKOLD is unique in the world, and we currently export our products to more than 100 countries around the globe. Since the 1930s, ECKOLD has been specialising in forming technology, and has remained the market leader ever since. Based on extensive experience, in-depth knowledge of the market and solid engineering, forming machines from ECKOLD set the standard in the industry.


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