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Clinching in HVAC industries

In the production of air-conditioning units, ducting and ventilation systems, clinching has already replaced previously used HVAC joining methods such as spot welding. Clinching has established itself as the "better alternative", as it offers a range of matchless advantages for the efficient production of HVAC systems and components. For the production of air channels, which includes of course ventilation ducts and their components, the number of clinching points is the key cost factor. A single air duct and its connecting flanges might feature only a few clinched joints. However, in industrial production where millions of such clinching points need to be produced, lower costs per point result in significant price reductions.


As companies face high energy costs, want to protect resources and seek to invest in climate-friendly technologies, ECKOLD clinching technique has become a highly viable option.




ECKOLD sets new standards in the air-conditioning and ducting industries


Make your production of air-conditioning units and ducting systems more efficient! ECKOLD´s innovative clinching technique and machines enable air duct manufacturers to produce at lower costs. In addition, the sturdy design of ECKOLD machines and their long service life guarantee consistent, high-quality machining results over many years. The portfolio of ECKOLD standard clinching machines ranges from hand-held portable clinching pliers and stationary multi-function units to automated plants for the efficient and cost-effective joining of sheet metal and profiles. ECKOLD also offers customised solutions.


Advantages of clinching


  • No thermal effect on joint
  • No hazardous gases and fumes
  • No need for preliminary surface treatment or subsequent preservation work
  • No additional material required
  • No need for auxiliary fixtures such as screws or rivets
  • Suitable for painted and coated sheet metal
  • Suitable for the joining of different materials and/or workpieces of various thickness
  • Three-layer joining (S-DF)
  • No increased corrosion at clinching points
  • Cost-effective

Which components can be joined with the ECKOLD clinching technique?


Air duct components, flexible connectors, frames, fans, housings, protective grilles, multi-leaf dampers, fire dampers, ventilation dampers, roof hoods, intake and exhaust bends, roof ventilation attachments, louvre hoods, roof mounts, roof ducts, smoke extraction ducts and silencer units for air-conditioning and ventilation systems and many more products can be easily joined with machines and clinching tools for sheet metal and profiles from ECKOLD.

Clinching in ducting industry: Simply do it and do it simply!


It was in the 1980s when ECKOLD introduced clinching to the market. Initially, the company used the German term "Druckfügen" or press-joining to describe its innovative technique. Soon afterwards, ECKOLD launched a number of machines for industrial clinching – a milestone for the HVAC industry and other sectors. With clinching, metal components are joined in a single step – without damage or deformation. There is no need for preparation or reworking such as pre-punching, deburring or grinding.


Where other joining techniques reach their technical limits, clinching is often still an option, for instance for the permanent joining of steel and aluminium workpieces. In addition, clinching allows for the joining of coated and painted sheet metal parts. In the HVAC industry, and in particular in the construction of ducting systems, ECKOLD clinching has established itself as the standard technology for the joining of components – and the technique is constantly being developed and improved by the company that has first brought it to market. At the same time, ECKOLD is continually expanding its range of solutions. At the moment, manufacturers are seeking new solutions for the automation of their processes, and ECKOLD is well positioned to assist them, as it regularly designs customised, automated systems for its clients.




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User report – HVAC technology: Clinching air ducts
Icon Klima- und Lüftungsbau
User report – HVAC technology: Clinching air ducts
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User report – HVAC technology: Clinching fire dampers


With a comprehensive machine concept ranging from hand-held portable devices and stationary machines to customised clinching units and plants, ECKOLD offers solutions for virtually any joining task. Within the ECKOLD product range, you will find a clinching solution that perfectly suits your joining tasks – be it for manual clinching with portable tools, or automated series production.


For many decades, leading HVAC companies have been relying on the innovative techniques and machines from ECKOLD who has been serving the sheet metal machining industry for more than 85 years and continuously develops new advanced machines and tools.

ECKOLD offers solutions that last the test of time.


In 1981, ECKOLD first presented its innovative clinching technique and quickly brought it to market. Today, ECKOLD customers all over the world rely on this unique and sustainable joining method. ECKOLD clinching produces permanent joints by means of local cold forming alone, doing away with separate fixtures and auxiliary parts.

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