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ECKOLD Kraftformer forming tools - the original

The new generation FWA / FWR is available!


Do whatever you want! Our Kraftformer tools enable you to shape sheet metal and profiles. The new generation of FWA / FWR shrinking and stretching tools covers all available sizes and features many improvements.


Advantages of the new generation of Kraftformer tools FWA / FWR

  • Improved forming performance of jaw plates
  • Quick wear part change
  • At least doubled service lives safe time and resources


Following the launch of our latest generation of tools, we have revised our tool range and catalogues. There are currently new tool catalogues available for the Kraftformer KF 675 Magnum and KF 470 Medium models. Please note that we also have made some changes to our ordering procedure:


  • In the new catalogue, only components and spare parts that can be ordered from ECKOLD are listed with their ID and order numbers. Parts that do not feature such numbers are no longer available from ECKOLD.
  • Please note that certain standard parts are no longer available as spare parts. When sourcing such parts, make sure that their properties correspond to those specified in our catalogue.
  • Wear parts are however still available.
  • Please also note that certain ID and order numbers have been changed! To order parts, use only the numbers published in our latest number!





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