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Kraftformer-Werkzeuge pflegen, warten und richtig anwenden

Kraftformers: How to maintain and use the ECKOLD forming tools

Tools for shrinking, stretching and many others...


ECKOLD offers forming tools for the shrinking, stretching, doming, planishing, straightening, crimping, curving, cutting, hole punching and edging of sheet metal. Take care of your tools. Clean and fresh jaws and inserts preserve the rest of the tool and the machine. Worn and/or dirty tools result in unnecessary stress for the machine and the tools. Our professional tips will support you!



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Tool maintenance: shrinking tools LFA · KSL · KSLA | stretching tools LFR · KSLR

Your Kraftformer tools no longer function properly? If forming performance is deteriorating, the working faces of the tools can be roughened with a sanding cloth or sandpaper. 


After that, the forming properties will increase again. If this is not the case we recommend mounting new plastic jaws.






Cleaning jaw plates of shrinking tools FWA / stretching tools FWR


When working with very soft aluminium it may be possible that the jaw plates of the shrinking or stretching tools can get clogged. As a result a possible abrasion can clog the jaw plates which leads to a decrease of the forming properties.



The simple solution is to brush the surface of the jaw plates carefully in all directions. We recommend using a brass brush. After that, the forming properties will increase again. If this is not the case we recommend mounting new jaw plates.









Mounting jaw plates on shrinking tools FWA / stretching tools FWR


Our versatile shrinking tools FWA and stretching tools FWR are a must-have when working with our Kraftformers. Our tools are designed for a long service life - but nothing lasts forever. The jaw plates may wear out, depending on the use, load and material of the workpieces.




Our Kraftformer machinery concept is designed not to wear out completely. Instead, only the jaw plates which come into contact with the workpieces, will be replaced. As a result the tools and their bodies remain unchanged and work as if they were new - thanks to the replaced jaw plates!



It only takes two minutes to mount new jaw plates:








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